This Amazing Dad Is His Daughter’s Personal Hairstylist

This Amazing Dad Is His Daughter’s Personal Hairstylist – 


Moms are generally the ones that get stuck on hair duty. After all, they’ve had to deal with their own locks for their entire lives, so they clearly know how to tame their daughters’ wild manes.

But this single dad knew he’d be the only one in charge of his daughter’s hair. So he decided to practice and make the process super fun! Mike creates tons of adorably unique hairstyles for his number one fan, Asia, and the results are nothing short of heartwarming.

Mike began watching YouTube tutorials and can now do a number of braids, buns, and other hairstyles.

Instagram | @icemikeloveasia

He even created this adorable bow bun on Asia!

She seems pretty thrilled about the outcome.

Instagram | @icemikeloveasia

It’s really not surprising that this duo have one million Instagram followers and counting.

Just check out those defined curls!

Mike and Asia have received an incredible amount of support from followers.

One comment reads, “You’re an amazing Dad! Thank you for being so wonderful to this little angel! AND for setting this awesome example for others!!”

Instagram | @icemikeloveasia

“Beautiful, I really wish more men would step up like you… You are an awesome example of a great Dad,” one follower said.

How amazing is Asia’s braid? This is definite braid goals.

Instagram | @icemikeloveasia

“She’s beautiful, Dad… You’re awesome! Need more like you in this world,” another follower commented.


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