Amazing Rolling Ball Sculpture “Sphere”

The sculpture has ten different track paths with loops (both small and large), four tipping arms, balls on track, Ferris wheel ball lifter, serpentine, zig-zag, semi automated switch, two ball switch, ball collector jump, ball collector, spinning arm, three tall spirals, oval flat spiral, conical spiral and plenty of track! the helical lift has three guide tracks, delivering the marbles back to the top of the sculpture. Each set of marbles remains independent of the other two sets.
There is over 270 metres of wire within the sculpture and it has been powder coated in Silver Chrome. The total height is 2.6 metres and the sphere section is 1.4 metres in diameter. The entire sculpture can be manually turned throughout 360 degress in the vertical axis. The power to drive the motor for the lift is transfered through a system of brushes so that the cable inside does not twist and break as the sculpture is rotated.
By David Morrell


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