Are You An Introvert? Here Are 10 Animals That Would Work Well As Your Pet

Are You An Introvert? Here Are 10 Animals That Would Work Well As Your Pet –


Introverts are low-energy individuals who prefer spending most of their time alone. They can literally become exhausted, physically and mentally, from socializing with others for long periods of time. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they hate company, though.  Sometimes, they might actually crave the presence of other people.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult for an introvert to find someone who only wants minimal interaction. The good thing is that it doesn’t have to be a “someone” any more. Introverts can now find a best friend in the form of a pet. Here are some that will suit their introverted nature.


While dogs will always be man’s best friend, not all dogs are suitable pets for introverts. There are only a few breeds that can thrive in an introvert’s environment. Our favorite is the compact Chow Chow, a breed known for its blue-black tongue and lion-like neck ruff.

Chows are among the most independent and aloof dog breeds—they don’t require much attention or space. They’re not going to run around the house and destroy your furniture. Instead, they’ll quietly sit somewhere, making you sometimes forget that they even exist. Just remember to brush them two or three times a week, so their coat remains in good condition.


If you are an introvert and enjoy looking at images and videos of cats all day, maybe it’s time to go to the nearest animal shelter and adopt your new best friend. Cats, in general, are mellow and independent.


They can be a little mean sometimes, however, acting like they can do whatever they want and get away with it. As there are so many cat breeds in existence, it’s tough to recommend anyone breed over the other. Plus, if you’re going to a shelter, chances are that the right cat will choose you—not the other way around.


An aquarium full of fish is one of the prettiest and most soothing things an introvert could have in their home. Unfortunately, if you’re like a lot of would-be pet owners, looking to keep pets that you can touch and cuddle with, fish aren’t for you.

This probably goes without saying, but if you are going to keep pet fish, you can’t take them outside of their bowl or aquarium. They’re mostly for your eyes only. Which is good if you’re so introverted that you don’t even want to have to interact with a pet much (unless it’s their feeding time).


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Okay, lots of you are probably just going to scroll to the next entry as fast as humanly possible, but we hope you give snakes a chance. They deserve to be loved, too.

Yes, they sometimes look scary. Yes, it can be dangerous to keep a pet snake. Even so, as long as you are a responsible snake owner and do everything right, keeping a pet snake can be easier than keeping a puppy. If you don’t like big snakes, you can just get a snake that stays small and cute forever.


There are plenty of bird breeds that would suit introverted owners. There is the Senegal parrot, for instance, which can vocalize and talk but doesn’t screech and scream as much as similarly-sized parrots.

There’s the parakeet, too, if you prefer the look of a parrot but want a more petite version. You can also get a pair of lovebirds if you want to marvel at the seemingly eternal love these cuties share. Another awesome bird to keep would be the cockatiel, which are playful creatures who enjoy interacting with people (if that’s something you’re comfortable with).


Bunnies are easily among the most adorable things on earth. They can be quite social and affectionate, but depending on their personality, they can also dislike being held or picked up.

As cute as they are, they will chew your possessions if they’re bored, so it’s best to fill their little home with things they can chew (such as old phone books and other paper products). Another thing to consider is that rabbits poop a lot (like a LOT). Even after litter training them, they may still leave the occasional poop around.


Hedgehogs are a bit of a gray area, as it’s actually illegal to own one in certain parts of the U.S, Canada and beyond. Make sure you know the regulations in your area! One of the benefits of keeping a pet hedgehog is that you can name it Sonic! They’re rather unique creatures, what with their cute little spikes and ability to roll into a ball when scared. As they’re very active at night, they’re one of the best pets for introverted night owls.

They do require a lot of physical activity, though, so owners have to make sure they have a big enough play area to run around in (or a wheel on which they can run several miles a day).


They’re not the most entertaining animals in the world, but turtles are laid-back pets that require very little attention. The only times you need to interact with them are when you’re feeding them. They’re fun to watch, so you probably won’t feel the need to touch them.


It should be noted, however, that while turtles are generally easy to care for as long as you’re well-researched and prepared, their environment may require more maintenance than other pets. If you’re too busy to maintain a pet turtle’s environment (especially the water), turtles may not be for you.


Geckos may not be as quiet as turtles, but they’re also not as loud as dogs. They’re usually silent, unless they’re making noises to defend their territory or attract a potential mate. They’re usually not aggressive either. Just don’t house a male gecko with another male, because that just spells trouble.

An introvert who’s also a night owl would appreciate a pet gecko, since they tend to be nocturnal creatures. Popular pet geckos include tokay geckos, day geckos (as the name suggests, they’re active during the day), crested geckos and leopard geckos.


Chinchillas are clean, quiet and absolutely adorable. Their shy nature makes them unsuitable pets for younger children, but suitable for older children and adults.

Once they get comfortable in their surroundings, they become rather active and social. Chinchillas are the most fun when kept in pairs, but be sure to keep same-sex Chinchillas, otherwise they’re going to have babies (and you may not want or be prepared for that). One thing you might not know about them is that they have long hind limbs, which allow them to jump over six feet in height. Isn’t that pretty cool?

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