Artist Carves Incredible Pet Sculptures From Tree Trunks

Artist Carves Incredible Pet Sculptures From Tree Trunks  –



Barcelona-based sculptor Gerard Mas fashions stately sculptures of animals carved from massive tree trunks. The thick slabs of wood are chiseled and, little by little, smoothed into lifelike recreations of dogs and cats. The beautiful grain is the visual highlight, but to add some color, Mas burns the wood’s surface into a rich, charred black. Once complete, the animals stand on the remaining untouched tree trunks and offer an homage to faithful companions who stand by our side during our best and worst times.

Mas is a master at creating work that invites visual play and open interpretations. We’ve previously shared his series of Renaissance-style sculptures that are reimagined with personalities you wouldn’t expect, like blowing bubbles with their gum and rocking tattoos and piercings.

The same playfulness can be said for Mas’ animal creations, although they are less overt in their intentions. A statue of a French Bulldog called Guardian offers a humorous comment on the pup’s size and how we might not consider it the “guard dog” type. Likewise, Mas’ cat sculpture is a tribute to a Siamese cat, but with a title of Schrodinger’s Cat, it invites us to think about the feline in terms of physicist Erwin Schrödinger’s famous thought experiment.

Scroll down to admire Mas’ animal sculptures. For more of his playful pieces, you can follow him on Instagram.

Artist Gerard Mas creates wooden animal sculptures carved from tree trunks.



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