Artist Transforms Pets Into Pokémon Cards

Artist Transforms Pets Into Pokémon Cards –


Since its launch in October 1996, Pokémon Trading Card Game cards have been a huge success. An obsessed fandom from all around the world was on a quest to ‘catch ’em all’! As of the end of March 2019, over 27.2 billion cards were sold worldwide. And that means that each person on the planet could have more than 3 cards!

Some of the rarest cards are worth a fortune and haunt collectors’ dreams to this day. And if you have always wanted the most powerful card, I think we’ve found your golden Pokémon. Or should I say Poképet?

Italy-based Brazilian artist Stephanie Parcus (otherwise known as WildpetsCreations) transforms pets into custom Pokémon cards and they are the most adorable things ever! One-of-a-kind cards are entirely customizable with a pet’s attacks, weaknesses, strengths, and illustration drawn based on an image. Pets even have their type and species to become fully-fledged members of the legendary Pokémon universe!

Raise your shields, all the geeky pet owners out there, time to put Pokémon pets into a battle of cuteness! And a few of them are definitely not to be messed with…

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