Bears Steal Honey From Man’s Bee Farm, So He Turns Them Into Honey Tasters

Bears Steal Honey From Man’s Bee Farm, So He Turns Them Into Honey Tasters –

Meet Ibrahim Sedef, an agricultural engineer in Trabzon, Turkey, who works in beekeeping. He says that running a bee farm is no easy operation, especially when there are large clawed thieves that keep stealing his honey. For this reason, he had to struggle to prevent lickerish bears from trashing the beehives for a long time.

Sedef tried everything to protect the hives – from metal cages around the beehives to leaving food such as bread, fruit, and honey for the bears to eat. However, that didn’t work well and some hives still got damaged. So, he was fed up with this problem.

However, while trying to figure out the best way to deal with these greedy animals, Sedef came up with a wonderful idea. He decided to try a little experiment and put their skills to some use. He turned these bears into honey tasters because they were rather selective about which foods they took.

He set up a table with four samples of honey for the bears to eat, ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive one. He also installed photo trap cameras to track the bears enjoying honey. And the results showed that the bears have quite an expensive taste. They clearly have a good taste for honey.

Sedef told DHA that bears were drawn by the smell of Anzer honey – a famous Turkish honey that he charges over $300 for two pounds. Sometimes, they did not even touch the cheapest cherry blossom honey.

Bee keeper Ibrahim Sedef turned the bears into his workers, taste tasters of his honey – and it’s so adorable that it’s now going viral. After all, no one knows good tasting honey like a bear!

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