‘Most Beautiful Cat In The World’ Becomes Online Sensation

‘Most Beautiful Cat In The World’ Becomes Online Sensation –

Everyone calls their cat the most beautiful in the world but the owner of this stunning kitty can really say it with confidence.

Get ready to go ‘awwwww’ as we introduce you to the gorgeous Narnia, a two-faced cat that is like none other.

The British shorthair is nearly a year old and has a perfect split down his face meaning half is black and the other grey.

Although he is unusual, you could call Narnia purr-fect:



Complete with clear blue eyes and fluffy fur, Narnia has it all and it is no wonder that the internet has fallen in love with him.

Owner Stéphanie Jimenez has captured photos of the appropriately named Narnia of Grace since he was a kitten and small enough to fit into her hand.

You could see the distinction in his face back then but over time it has grown clearer and even more enchanting.


Although it is unclear what exactly caused Narnia’s colouration, it is possible that he is a ‘chimera’ which in mythology is the name given to a monster made up of different animals.

Chimera cats all have a split down their faces meaning it is two different colours.

This happens when two embryos fuse together containing two different types of DNA but results in a single organism.

So if Narnia is a chimera, which is likely, that means the DNA on one side of his face is different to the other which is both rare and remarkable.

Narnia isn’t the first two-faced cat which has stolen the internet’s heart.

Six years ago a rescue cat named Venus went viral after her owners Christina and Chris created a Facebook page dedicated to the beautiful moggie.

The tabby has the similar line down her face meaning on one side her fur is black and orange on the other.

Writing about Venus on the page, her owners described her:

She’s as sweet as can be… gentle, loving, and has this little tiny kitten like ‘meow’ even though she is three now.

She acts like a big baby in the way that she loves to be babied. She doesn’t bother any furniture with her claws and uses a scratching post.

Some funny things about her are that as tiny as she is she likes to pick the giant pieces of food from the dog food bowl rather than eat her cat food and when the dogs come up she looks at them like ‘um yeah don’t even think about it’.

She is such a wonderful cat and I’d be just as in love with her even if she wasn’t so pretty. Her personality is as beautiful as her outside is.


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