Bedtime For 60 Baby Goats

Bedtime For 60 Baby Goats –



“There is nothing I love more than the hour after all the goats have eaten dinner and are quietly nibbling on hay. The kids sleep on their own in three stalls after 2-3 weeks to learn to eat hay and drink water and they love going back and forth through the small doors between stalls before finally settling down for sleep. Tonight is bittersweet as the 3 first kids go their new home tomorrow afternoon and then a bunch more leave this weekend. This is last night with all 60 babies filling the right side of the barn! I may have to go out there and take a nap with them all before turning in myself! I could hardly get this video because they all wanted to climb on my lap and back and nibble my hair. Such a sweet bunch of love bugs. The good news is the past goat is due this weekend, so the fun is far from over!”


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