Bigger Dog VS Playful Puppy

Bigger Dog VS Playful Puppy – 



Hilarious moment playful chihuahua Feivel pounces on much larger Loki only to be put firmly in his place.

There’s a reason why the term ‘alpha dog’ is in the English lexicon. And a clip uploaded to YouTube earlier this week illustrates the idea perfectly. The video shows a playful chihuahua named Feivel energetically playing with the much larger Loki on top of a bed belonging to a couple from from Great Falls, Montana.


Showing some confidence, Feivel stands on his hind legs and repeatedly pounces on Loki’s face, much to the annoyance of the larger dog.


That is until Loki clutches the chihuahua’s head underneath his long outstretched paw, shutting down Fievel in his tracks. Luckily for the chihuahua, Loki lets him off light, lifting his paw to an excited Feivel resuming his playful bouncing.



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