Bouncing Ping Pong Balls Play A Song On The Xylophone

Bouncing Ping Pong Balls Play A Song On The Xylophone –



PROTIP: Play video at 2X speed for a more recognizable version of the song.

This is a video from Youtuber DoodleChaos starring 213 ping pong balls precisely bouncing into red plastic cups and onto a xylophone to perform Jacques Offenbach’s “Galop Infernal”.

“I underestimated how random ping pong ball bounces are. Even on a perfectly flat tile, there can be over a foot diameter where the final bounce ends up. My first design for this contraption included 3 bounces, but I ended up redesigning it to be more reliable. I’m thankful for this decision because it meant less time tracking the ball paths in Premiere. If you’re curious how I achieved this effect, I moved a mask to cover every single movement of every ball’s path by hand. Repeating and overlapping multiple layers became very complicated because the balls would cross paths. Once I learned tracks could be nested together I became more organized.”



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