Breathtaking Drone Footage Captures The Vibrant Colors Of Utah In Fall

Breathtaking Drone Footage Captures The Vibrant Colors Of Utah In Fall –



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For many, fall is their favorite time of year. The seasonal change brings about colder weather, but it’s also a time when leaves turn from green into a gorgeous variety of vibrant hues. Professional drone pilot Justin McFarland recently captured the colorful fall foliage of northern Utah’s Ogden Valley, revealing a dazzling display of kaleidoscopic colors.

It’s unclear if the video was treated in post-production; nonetheless, the staggering variety of colors on display are breathtaking. As the drone pans over the dense woodland, tall evergreens peek above a myriad of lush trees featuring electric pink, pastel purples, and vivid yellow leaves.

Other than the colors of fall, McFarland has also captured equally impressive (and colorful) natural landscapes from above. From the crimson-colored rock formations of Bryce Canyon National Park to the incredible rose-colored waters of Great Salt Lake Causeway, The Utah-native really knows how to show off his home state!

You can see more of McFarland’s drone videos and photos on Instagram.

Justin McFarland’s incredible drone footage reveals a dazzling display of fall colors above northern Utah’s Ogden Valley.


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