Brilliant Man Turns Old Tires into Cozy Beds for Stray Cats and Dogs

Brilliant Man Turns Old Tires into Cozy Beds for Stray Cats and Dogs –


Amarildo Silva Filho believes that “the only way to do a great job is to love what you do.” This inspiring outlook has culminated in a unique passion project for the 23-year-old animal-loving artist, who left a job in retail to focus his efforts on crafting upcycled tire beds for his local strays and shelter animals.

So how does he do it? Filho carefully cuts and throughly washes the tires, which he finds on the street or collects as donations. He then paints, decorates, and sometime personalizes the pieces, splashing the dull black rubber with bright hues and pastel tones. Finally, he adds some carrying straps and a cozy mattress—which he sews himself—for the animals to curl up on.

Filho was inspired to take on his this project when he encountered a pile of old tires in his neighborhood two years ago. Pairing his passion for upcycling and his love of animals, he saw potential in the trash. After successfully turning one of the tires into a bed, he made it his mission to make more—and has since handcrafted 6,000 beds.

His design has become so popular that he now receives orders from eco-friendly pet owners around the world, proving that one man’s trash truly is another man’s—or animal’s—treasure.

You can find his company, Caominhas Pets, on Facebook.

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