Can You Spot The Cats Hiding In These Photos?

Can You Spot The Cats Hiding In These Photos? – 


You know we love puzzles and love cats, so imagine our delight at this new game making its way around the interwebs.

The game, called “spot the cat” has been trending on Twitter recently. To play, users post photos that have a sneaky feline hiding somewhere in them, and then their followers attempt to, you guessed it, spot the cat. While some of these little kitties are pretty terrible (but very funny) hiders, some of them are actually pretty tough to find.

Think you’re a master cat-spotter? Let’s find out. We’ll start out with some easier ones.

Here’s where it starts to get a teeny bit harder.

These ones are really tough. Can you find the kitties?

Woo hoo! Wasn’t that fun?!

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