These Cat Hackers Were Caught Red Handed

These Cat Hackers Were Caught Red Handed



Cats are known to be a bit sneaky… Getting into places they shouldn’t be. But we would have never guessed they were computer hackers!

Well, they were trying to be computer hackers…

Absolutely adorable images show cats caught in the act by their owners clever laptops. The laptops were set to snap a picture through the webcam if someone entered an incorrect password three times in a row. However, the cool security feature wasn’t designed to distinguish between a sneaky hacker and a pet cat playing with the keys!

So if they aren’t hacking… it is most likely that the funny cats were drawn to the laptop because if its warmth! Seeing that the keyboard is one of their favorite places to take a nap! Surprisingly, even if you aren’t using it!

Just take a look at these hilarious photos that show what your cat is up to, while you aren’t around.





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