Celebrate The Splendor Of Historic Sites Around The World

Celebrate The Splendor Of Historic Sites Around The World –




In just its second year, the Historic Photographer of the Year contest is already attracting attention with top-notch entries by international photographers. Organized by TripHistoric, in partnership with History Hit TV, the contest celebrates the best historic cultural sites in the world. Whether the photographers capture well-worn places like the Taj Mahal or obscure gems like the Castle of Sammezzano, the results are mesmerizing.

The 2018 overall winner, Daniel Burton, took home top prize for his stunning photograph of the French medieval island commune Mont Saint-Michel. Using a wide angle to create a composition that draws viewers into what appears like a magical space, Burton’s image dazzled the panel of expert judges. For the first time, awards were also given out in two special categories honoring the best Ancient History and English Historyphotographs. Mark Edwards’ incredible photo of the surreal Red Sand Forts won the English History prize, while David Ross’ image of Scotland’s Callanish Stone Circle at sunset topped the Ancient History category.

“Historic and cultural sites are among the most picturesque places on the planet and the very best shots demand not only time and patience but also a willingness to get off the beaten track and frame their place in history in a unique and personal way,” says historian Dan Snow of History Hit TV. “This year’s winning entries and submissions perfectly showcase just how stunning the history all around us can be and will doubtless encourage people to get out there and see these amazing places for themselves.”

Beyond inspiration, the photographs also provide a poignant reminder that we shouldn’t take our historic and cultural destinations for granted. It’s a point made clearly by David Lyon’s photo of the Temple of Bel in Palmyra, Syria. Founded in 32 CE, the Mesopotamian temple has unfortunately been destroyed during the ongoing conflict in Syria. Beyond hopes of eventual reconstruction, photographs are the remaining precious means of documentation for the historic monument.

The Historic Photographer of the Year contest celebrates the best historic places and cultural sites around the globe. Take a look at this year’s winners.



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