Cheeky Baby Pandas Attempt An Unsuccessful Prison Break

Cheeky Baby Pandas Attempt An Unsuccessful Prison Break – 

Two of the black-and-white bears managed to pass through the gate, but they were soon spotted by the keeper who put them back to the enclosure, as the video shows. The male keeper had to close the gate to prevent the other cubs from sneaking out of the enclosure.


The beginning of the 23-second clip showed two panda cubs gathering in front of a gate that had been left open. The keeper, standing on the other side of the gate, had to press the heads of the two cubs gently to prevent them from squeezing through the gate. Later, two other cubs joined the gang to climb through the gate.


Two cubs managed to climb through the gate but their freedom didn’t last long. Both were immediately picked up by the busy keeper who placed them back to the enclosure. The chaos ended as the keeper closed the gate to prevent the bears from leaving.

This is the hilarious moment a group of panda cubs tried to escape from their enclosure before being stopped by their keeper.

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