Condor Comes To Visit Man Who Saved Him As A Baby

Condor Comes To Visit Man Who Saved Him As A Baby – 


Edgardo is a Rancher in Loncopué, Argentina. He found the baby Condor, who he calls Condorito (a famous chilean comic book character) on his back yard a few miles away from where Condors live.
Since a few months ago he has been nourishing him.
He had the support of Local wildlife authorities that where monitoring this activity.
A day back in march he came alone, with one of his legs injured and they have been taking care of him since then.
He called the wildlife authorities and they told him that he was born around October of last year and he most likely had lost his parents.
He knew that the bird had to learn to feed for himself so a when a few animals died on his property he left them there so the Condor could eat in the “wild” A few weeks ago he decided to share his adventure with a couple of friends and family with a video he sent on whatsapp.
Edgardo said that the story that the Condor came flying to visit him is simply not true because the Condor was still a baby (nestling) and at the time of the video the Condor could not fly yet. He knows that people exaggerate specially after a story goes viral.
As of this week the Condor has already began to fly, and he has began to come less and less to visit and that is what they were expecting and hoping for so he could join his natural habitat.
Apparently some other national authorities are trying to take him to a proper place, but he says that the Condor is free where he is, and in his natural habitat close to where other Condors roam.

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