Couple Find Adorable Abandoned Kittens And Spring Into Action

Couple Find Adorable Abandoned Kittens And Spring Into Action –



Sometimes in the middle of the night, we hear a lot of things. Sometimes it fades away, sometimes it continues and you decided to go see what it is. That’s what this couple had decided to do, and what they found was very unexpected…


“Myself and my wife heard faint meowing outside of our bedroom late at night until the early hours of the morning. Decided to locate the source of the meowing after my wife went off to work. Found a single kitten sitting in the middle of the road behind the apartment. The shy kitten running away to hide behind a wiring cover located at the side of the apartment.”

“Looked behind the wiring cover to find the three huddled up in this little area. Likely hiding from the hawks in the area. I noticed only one of them had a tail and thought the tails of the others had been cut off or bitten off. Turns out the two without tails were Manx (tailless) kittens”



“After getting the three comfortable with me and offering them a saucer of milk. I took them all to the porch on the front of my apartment.”

“Made a make-shift cover with milk and water offered to them. All I had on hand with such short notice. Staying to keep them company while looking after them as the morning progressed. Waiting for the landlord and local, animal shelter for their hours of availability.”


“This one really liked the cover I made and stayed sleeping in it most of the time.”

“This one wanted to follow me every where.”

“Literally every where. Meowing every single time I was out of reach or sight.”

“Then whille looking after the three I had already found. I heard another faint meowing near by. Found this one scared and hiding in the bushes outside the front of the apartment. Another Calico, Manx kitten.”

“Perhaps looking to be nursed as it seemed to be younger/smaller than the others. Seemed more interested in me than the milk and water offered. Once I taught the kitten to drink by herself. All she wanted to do was curl up with me instead of the covering where the three other kittens fell asleep at. Apparently, there were three more kittens found by my landlord and another person in nearby apartments. All of which were picked up by the local animal shelter by mid morning. Once my wife saw these pictures after she got home from work. We’re thinking of possibly adopting two of the kittens. You can probably guess which two!”

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