Creative Mom Turns Her Baby’s Nap-Time Into Dream Adventures

Creative Mom Turns Her Baby’s Nap-Time Into Dream Adventures

Sioin Queenie Liao is a freelance artist living in California, USA. She is a mother of three boys, but always loved art that was combined with her children. Photography has also been her hobby and she was always fascinated in natural scenery but since her boys were born her focus shifted more towards photography involving children.

At first she began taking photos of her baby boy and was inspired by the works of Anne Geddes and Ms. Adele Enersen she bagan to be more creative and experimenting with similar ideas.

He got the ideas for the backgrounds because while she was growing up, she indulged in fairy tales. That gave her the inspiration to be creative and recreate the fairy tales she would imagine.

Today, with well over one hundred photographs, Liao has portrayed a cute little story of Wengenn in his journey of adventure, I have combined them into an album called “Wengenn in Wonderland.” The Chinese version of her book “Sleepy Baby – 可愛寶貝的扮裝寫真,” was published in Taiwan in July, 2012. The book provides step-by-step details of how some of those pictures were taken, as well as how other art crafts can be made out of baby pictures.


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