Dad Asks German Shepherd If Hungry. Dog’s Comeback Has Everyone Laughing

Dad Asks German Shepherd If Hungry. Dog’s Comeback Has Everyone Laughing – 



It’s easy for humans to let each other know that they’re hungry! Even as babies, crying, screaming and tantrums are a clear sign that it’s time to eat. But what happens when you’re a dog and ready for dinner? Well, if you’re this brilliant German Shepherd named Apollo, you take things into your own hands (or paws)! Armed with the instincts of one of the smartest dog breeds and a bowl, Apollo makes it abundantly clear that he’s ready to eat.


First, Apollo tries to let Dad know that it’s dinnertime by scooting around his bowl. He pushes it with his paws, picks it up in his mouth and lets it drop to the ground – nothing seems to be getting Dad’s attention! Realizing that he needs to take things up a notch, Apollo grabs his owner’s hand and leads him to the kitchen pantry where the food is! This finally did the trick and Apollo’s owner asks his he was hungry. With a happy bark confirming that, yes, he is hungry, the owner opens up the pantry to reveal the twist-top food container!


This was the moment Apollo had been waiting for (not very patiently)! Even when Dad comments that Apollo had literally just eaten, he doesn’t relent! He’s a growing boy and wants another meal! Thankfully, Dad obliges and fills up Apollo’s bowl for a second time! Take a peek at this hilarious mealtime routine by pressing “play” on the video below. There’s a reason German Shepherds are considered to be one of the smartest dog breeds!

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