Dad Shaves Cat To Look Like Lion To Reenact Incredible Simba Moment

Dad Shaves Cat To Look Like Lion To Reenact Incredible Simba Moment



A Scottish dad was in charge of the family cat for a day and brought it back from the vets looking like a miniature lion.

The hilarious haircut was chosen by 22-year-old Kelsey’s dad when the vet offered it to him as an option instead of just getting 10-year-old Cookie’s stomach shaved.

Imaging all the Lion King scenes he could re-create, he took the opportunity and now everyone on the internet is so glad he did, even if his wife initially wasn’t so pleased.

Here is Cookie’s incredible Simba moment…


She’s usually really fluffy so her fur is difficult to brush and it’s sore if it gets knots so they just booked her in to get her stomach shaved.

When he got to the vets they asked what parts and mentioned they could give her a mane like a lion and my dad thought it would be funny to go with that.

What Cookie looked like before…


So he brought her home after and my mum was in shock she’s laughing about it now but was just the shock she went to get her stomach shaved and came back like a lion.

I was shocked because I thought it has been a mistake until my dad explained he’d agreed to it for a laugh.



Kelsey posted a photo of Cookie to Twitter, saying:

My dad took my cat to get its stomach shaved and asked for a lions cut instead and my mum’s actually raging



Kelsey’s tweet received 2k retweets and over 11k likes, sending some people ‘howling’ with laughter, and inspiring many cat owners all over the world to give their cats manes too.

One Twitter user said they felt sad for the cat, but Kelsey replied:

Haha was the same but it’s actually made her act like a kitten again she’s got so much energy she loves it.

Another user said:

I think he looks quite fetching.





We’re so surprised. I just thought I’d post it because it was so funny didn’t expect it to get so many retweets and favourites.

I keep my dad updated through text about it and we just laugh about it all.

But back to Cookie. She was freed from her knotty and painful fur, and we got to see her unwittingly reenact the Lion King.

It’s a win-win.


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