Daddy Just Pulled In The Driveway – Mom’s Footage Of Baby And Dog Goes Viral

Daddy Just Pulled In The Driveway – Mom’s Footage Of Baby And Dog Goes Viral –

They’ve waited all day for Dad to come home from work and now he’s set to walk through the door any second. The moment the sound of his car starts to rumble down the road, both of them go running toward the door!

Their antics while waiting in the front door window for Dad to pull in and walk through the door are hilarious! Thankfully, Mom has the camera running the entire time…

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According to Dog Discoveries, there are several ways that pups can know you’re about to come home. The first, and most obvious, hint to your pooch is the sound your car makes as it’s pulling into the driveway.

Dogs use their sense of hearing to differentiate between the noises bombarding them from all directions and the sound your car makes is as unique as a thumbprint to them. Another way your dog knows you’re home is with their circadian rhythm.

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Canines are creatures of habit and rely on daily cues to give them information about their surroundings. That’s why they know to wait at the door everyday at a certain time – just like this adorable pup does with his human brother!

These two know exactly when Dad gets home and can’t wait to see him! They run right up to the door and wait excitedly until he come inside.

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They way they both shake and run around is enough to make Mom’s heart melt. That is why she runs over to her purse, grabs her phone and starts recording.

This is something Dad is definitely going to want to see! These two are just the cutest!

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They’ll probably be lifelong buds waiting in the window for Dad to arrive for years to come. Take a peek at their adorable reaction to knowing Dad’s going to be home any second in the video below.

They are just too cute! You’re going to love watching them!

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