Damaged Basketball Court Repaired With The Traditional Japanese Art Of Kintsugi, And It’s Stunning

We were not expecting kintsugi, the Japanese art of mending broken pottery with lacquer mixed with powdered gold, to be applied to this situation, but we’re glad that it was.

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The ancient Japanese technique of Kintsugi embellishes an object’s repair with gold to accentuate the healing as a formative part of it’s journey. To celebrate the sport of basketball as a universally accessible, class-agnostic, race-indifferent platform – and its ability to bring people together to heal in this important moment, my team and I renovated a dilapidated court in South Los Angeles, filing it’s cracks with gold dusted resin inspired by the historic process. With the sport’s official return this weekend after a heartbreaking beginning to 2020, the Kintsugi Court’s medium and message celebrate the solidarity basketball provides to unify against the backdrop of a polarized and divided zeitgeist. Sport can entertain, inspire and distract – but more apropos than all, the platform of sport can help us heal. ✨

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