Deer Brings Her Twins To Meet The People Who Saved Her Life Years Ago

Deer Brings Her Twins To Meet The People Who Saved Her Life Years Ago – 

Wildlife rehabilitators are used to saying goodbye — when the animals they help get strong enough, they’re released into the wild, and are usually not seen again.

Not so with a very special deer in Canada named Ping and the people who saved her life years ago.

Ping had become a mother. At her side during that visit was a little baby, still with his white spots.

This week, five years after that visit, Ping returned with twice the surprise.

“Today was extra special as she brought twins along when taking a drink from the horse trough,” Angelika Langen, co-founder and manager of NLWS.

Langen said Ping’s visits to the rescue center lend extra meaning to the work of saving wildlife. Currently, British Columbia is suffering from wildfires, so this reminder is especially welcome as the displaced animals from those blazes will start coming in to wildlife rehabilitation centers.

“Not only has she succeeded at a life in the wild (finding food and avoiding predators) but she is also successfully raising her own young,” Langen said. “These glimpses into the life after release are precious and remind us that it is always worth it to try.”

To help NLWS keep saving wild animals like Ping, you can make a donation.

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