Dog Carrying Bag of Food Is Hurricane Harvey Champ

Dog Carrying Bag of Food Is Hurricane Harvey Champ – 

Otis the dog is providing a little levity to the disaster unfolding in Texas as a result of Hurricane Harvey. The reason? He was spotted wandering around the small city of Sinton carrying a bag of dog food in his mouth. Tiele Dockens snapped the image and posted it online, and it has since gone viral. The best part, as the Houston Chronicle explains, is that Otis is now safe and sound. It seems that Otis escaped the yard of Salvador Segovia on Friday night but grabbed his bag of food from the porch before heading out into the great yonder.

The dog actually belongs to Segovia’s grandson, but the boy’s family had left Otis in Segovia’s care when they fled from the oncoming Harvey. Neighbors alerted Segovia to Otis’ whereabouts on Saturday, and the dog is back home again. What’s more, the pooch is apparently no stranger to solo treks involving food. “Otis can go to Dairy Queen and he can get a hamburger,” says Segovia.



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