Enchanting Photos Shot on the “Blue Border” Of Twilight

Enchanting Photos Shot on the “Blue Border” Of Twilight –




German landscape photographer Kilian Schönberger invites viewers to see nature in a new light. For his most recent series, The Blue Border, Schönberger explores the alluring enchantment of twilight.

Featuring photographs shot both at dusk and dawn, The Blue Border captures the magical moments of blue-tinted beauty that regularly grace nature. Whether illuminated by a bright harvest moon, shrouded in a cloak of fog, or obscured by low-lying mist, these atmospheric landscapes present a glimpse into the “blue hour”—a simplified title used to denote a period of twilight. 

While shooting during the blue hour is a common practice among landscape photographers, Schönberger’s appreciation for this fleeting period transcends an interest in aesthetics. “It’s far more than just a special light mood,” he explains. “For me it’s a magical border between the rational daylight world and the mystic realm of the night.”

With such a poetic approach to his craft, it comes as no surprise that Schönberger’s practice comprises much more than simply snapping photos in pursuit of the perfect shot. Instead, he uses his talents to honor, document, and understand the mysterious side of nature.  “Like a visual novelist I’m trying to capture this daily transformation of the world with my camera,” he reveals. “A silent witness of these magic moments between day and night, right on The Blue Border.”


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