Family Portrait: Mother Lynx, 7 kittens Visit Photographer’s Deck

Family Portrait: Mother Lynx, 7 kittens Visit Photographer’s Deck –

A photographer in Alaska was afforded an incredible opportunity when a mother lynx and her seven kittens wandered onto his deck and had a little play session.

Tim Newton lives on the edge of Chugach State Park near Anchorage. He woke up last Tuesday morning to the sound of feet scurrying across his deck.

“I’ve been woken up by bears on the deck, so I thought I would check,” he said. “I pulled open the curtain just a bit to see, because I didn’t want them to run off, and I looked down and saw what struck me as a cat.”

Just as Newton began to step out the door in an attempt to greet what he assumed was a neighbor’s pet cat, he was shocked to discover it was something else entirely.

“I took a second look and realized it wasn’t a full-grown cat but a baby lynx. They’re about the same size at this age,” he said.

Immediately, he “went into photography mode,” grabbed his camera and snapped pictures from various windows inside the house.

“They’re running back and forth across the deck, chasing each other, hiding, jumping. They’ve turned the deck into a romper room, having a heck of a time,” Newton joked.

Tim Newton Photography
Tim Newton Photography

The kittens began to scamper away, and as the photographer followed to get a last glimpse of the animals, he saw something move in the tall grass.

“I saw through the screen door that the grass was moving. It was like Jurassic Park with the velociraptors,” he laughed. “Then I heard the mother calling to the kittens.”

That’s when Mother Nature granted Newton another amazing experience: a photo session with all seven kittens and their mother.

Tim Newton Photography
Tim Newton Photography

Amazed that the animals seemed so at ease in his presence, Newton concluded that in his full-length bathrobe and camera covering his eyes, he likely didn’t look like anything they would recognize as predatory.

“This one kitten saw me,” he said. “He came over to check out the ‘big-clicking-tree-thing.'”

Tim Newton Photography
Tim Newton Photography

As soon as the photographer moved the camera away from his eyes, the lynx spooked.

“He got closer and I got a couple of shots, so I moved my face from behind the camera, but as soon as he saw my eyes — the look of horror — his eyes got wide and he took off.”

The entire experience lasted about 40 minutes.

Encounters with wildlife are not uncommon in his area, Newton said, explaining that proximity to the Chugach State Park and a scenic pond on his property make it an ideal spot for animals to stop in.

Pictures of the lynx family were posted to the Tim Newton Photography page.

Those who would like to see more of Tim Newton’s work should visit his Fine Art America account here.



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