Firefighters Rescue Raccoon from Sewer Grate

Firefighters Rescue Raccoon from Sewer Grate –


The call for help came in shortly after 10 a.m., prompting a team of firefighters to suit up and rush to a residential area in Newton, Mass. The caller, a bicyclist commuting to work, had spotted a distressed young raccoon stuck in an unfortunate position: It was firmly wedged in a sewer grate, its head poking out from one of the small square holes. What rescuers thought would be quickly solved with liberal applications of soap and water, a method the fireman said works 99 percent of the time, turned into a nearly two-hour-long saga that at one point involved at least eight people working to free the furry critter. In spite of all the bad news we hear daily, there are good people everywhere!

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