Fishing for Raccoons!! Whattt??

Fishing for Raccoons!! Whattt?? – 


Never thought it would be so fun to fish for raccoons!! All you need is a rope, a tree, a light, the bait (ham), well and of course the raccoons! Those big rodents are much heavier then they look! That’s why when they grab the meat it seems like we are just letting them feast. In reality it feels like you are pulling up a bag of bricks. When you finally overpower it, the ham just goes flying! This contraption even lured in the neighbors cat. Eventually, persistence prevailed and the raccoon was able to yank the ham out of the rope. Silly raccoon. Enjoy the show! No raccoons were hurt in the making of this video.

Source: Fishing for Raccoons!! Whattt?? by VideoDigest on Rumble

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