Follow The Daily Adventures Of Sammi, The Pet Chicken, With Her Owner

Follow The Daily Adventures Of Sammi, The Pet Chicken, With Her Owner –


Dave fox is the proud owner of Sammi, the cutest chicken pet ever. The beautiful bird has become a sensation as people all over the world discover her social media empire, which includes Instagram, Youtube and Facebook pages. Among shots of their daily routine, there are plenty of moments where Sammi, who adores the beach, dipping her clawed toes into the surf. Sammi come into his life when his beloved dog, Cort, died last year and he felt like he is not ready for another one, so he decided to go a different route and adopt a chicken pet.


“Simply put, it take a lot of patience. Take for example introducing a collar and leash to a dog vs. a chicken: A dog may struggle to understand the leash, but quickly catches on the concept of coming closer to its handler to release the tension. A chicken will resist the harness going on in the first place. Once on, a chicken does not move toward you as the leash is made taut. It will plat its feet, like a horse, and stand its ground.A chicken is almost strictly motivated by food. Affection and praise are not that high of priorities. When we are at home, without all the other distractions, Sammi is much more affectionate and longs to be close to me wherever I go. We often sit in a rocking chair in the evenings, and she loves to be scratched and massaged while on my lap”.



Since Dave do not have the luxury of leaving her at home alone, he decided to take Sammi on a road trip to a different place every weekend. As time passed, Sammi and Dave created a very strong bond and Dave says he wouldn’t enjoy those road trips without her.

“The reactions move from shock : “That guy is carrying a chicken!” or “Can your chicken actually swim?!” to laughs: both Sammi and I have learned that the laughs are due to the surprise that a man would be carrying or swimming with a pet chicken”.

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