Food Artist Creates Nature-Inspired Jelly Cakes That Look Like Pretty Koi Ponds

Food Artist Creates Nature-Inspired Jelly Cakes That Look Like Pretty Koi Ponds –




Today, creative confectionery is more popular than ever, with many artists around the world creating incredible food art from a variety of edible mediums. One artist to have truly mastered her craft is Siew Heng Boon (of Jelly Alchemy) who creates incredible 3D jelly cakes that don’t look like food at all, but instead resemble decorative snow globes or glass paperweights. Each delectable dessert resembles pretty koi ponds or water gardens, featuring a myriad of colorful flowers and fish encased within clear gelatin surfaces.

Boon started making her jelly cakes 2 years ago, but recently had to put her business on hold after being diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. Despite this, she was determined to carry on doing what she loves best. “On the days when I was feeling well, I dedicated my time to create 3D jelly cakes for my team of doctors and carers,” she reveals. “During my battle with breast cancer, focusing on creating beautiful 3D jelly cakes helped to shift my focus away from the physical pain and negative thoughts.”

Each edible masterpiece can take up to four hours to complete and is actually created upside down. The flowers are rendered using a special injection method, whereby the colored gelatin or seaweed jelly powder is first heated and liquidized before being carefully piped, petal by petal, onto the clear canvas. After the decorative motifs are complete, a flavored, pastel-hued base is poured over the top to finish the cake. Once the jelly solidifies, the cakes are then flipped the right way up to reveal their stunning designs. Aside from looking beautiful, they’re made to taste good too—each cake is infused with flavors such as lychee, coconut, peach, and rose.

You can see more from Boon’s ever-growing collection of pretty jelly cakes on Instagram.

Siew Heng Boon of Jelly Alchemy creates incredible 3D jelly cakes.



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