From Rock To Treezilla, One Man’s Brilliant Evolution Of X-Mas Trees

When it comes to Christmas Trees, Steven Newland, from New Zealand, takes the cake!

The creative Christmas Tree decorator is a pilot who puts tremendous effort into the festive tradition every year.

Starting off the tradition in 2005 with a “Christmas Rock,” the family has certainly developed their Christmas Tree design over time.

And in 2017, things started to get really interesting…



The journey begins in 2005 with the “Christmas Rock”

In 2009, the “Cardboard Christmas Tree” made its debut

Here is the Cardboard Christmas Tree lit up

In 2016, Newland creates the “Time Portal Christmas Tree”

In 2017, things started to get technical and the “Pacman Christmas Tree” was born!

How to you top a Pacman Tree? In 2018, Newland upped the ante further with this incredible “Treezilla”!

Oh, and it breathes smoke!

A video of the coolest X-mas tree in action:

And this year, 2019, a new type of tree has been created, a functional airplane tree!

Can’t wait to see what other tricks the Newland family and friends have up the sleeves in the future!

Via steven.newland

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