Gorgeous Golden Light Shines Through This Autumnal Forest In The Netherlands

Gorgeous Golden Light Shines Through This Autumnal Forest In The Netherlands –



Dutch landscape photographer Albert Dros didn’t have to visit the hills of Vermont or fly across the globe to Japan in order to spot some beautiful autumn foliage. Thanks to some unusual climate, he could look right to his own backdoor and find colorful leaves scattered throughout the Netherlands’ forests.

Recently, Dros had spent hours exploring the forest near his house, getting lost in the beauty of the fall season. The photographs he came away with demonstrate just how creative one can get in nature. Though taking photographs in the forest can be a difficult endeavor, it’s one that’s all the more rewarding when the images come out as planned.

“The light changes every minute, so every minute new compositions pop up. You’re basically chasing the light nonstop,” he writes. “This, combined with looking in the distance for compositions with your telephoto and also having to look close for potential wide angle shots (very difficult in the forest), makes it very challenging.”

From stunning images that use the sun’s rays to create atmosphere to bright pops of color provided by the red, yellow, and orange leaves, Dros’s autumn foliage portfolio is breathtaking. Elements like curving roads and the use of a wide-angle lens in some instances give a diversity to the imagery and show just how creative photographers can get in a forest environment.

Landscape photographer Albert Dros took advantage of unusual weather to photograph stunning fall foliage in the Netherlands.




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