Greediest Dog In Britain? Exasperated Couple $30,000 On New Dog-Proof Kitchen – Because Their Binge-Eating Labrador Learned To Open Cupboards And Fridges In Hunt For Food

Greediest Dog In Britain? Exasperated Couple $30,000 On New Dog-Proof Kitchen – Because Their Binge-Eating Labrador Learned To Open Cupboards And Fridges In Hunt For Food – 

An exasperated couple have forked out £25,000 on a new dog-proof kitchen – because their binge-eating pooch just can’t stop gobbling everything in sight.

Any food left out will be promptly eaten by Rolo the chocolate Labrador

Nine-year-old chocolate Labrador Rollo learned how to open all of their kitchen cupboards, fridge and even their dishwasher on the hunt for food – and had gobbled down everything from yoghurts to jars of mincemeat – including the GLASS.

And his scoffing was so bad that owner Sue Kirk, from Sleaford, Lincs, has had to install a DOG-PROOF kitchen – where all her cupboards have dog-proof handles that portly Rollo just can’t open – and a fridge with high pull-handles to stop the greedy pooch getting inside.

Sue has even had to install a child gate across the entrance to their greenhouse to stop Rollo from breaking in and scoffing home-grown veg.

Sue, from Sleaford, Lincs, adopted adorable Rollo from the Labrador Lifeline Trust when he was just three – and had already been ditched three times by owners who couldn’t handle his constant binging.

Any food left on the work top is fair game for Rolo, as he climbs up to get food as Sue Kirk looks on

Sue, 51, said: “Rollo is like the terminator – he’ll eat absolutely everything!

“He can even get the lids off things – he’ll peel the lid off of a yoghurt before he eats it.

“I joke that he’s my pre-rinse cycle on the dishwasher – every time I open the door to put something in it, his head is straight inside, licking whatever plates he can find.

“In our old kitchen, Rollo had learned how to open all of the cupboard doors and could get in to munch away at his heart’s content.

“We’ve had a completely new kitchen extension, and everything was specially designed to stop Rollo getting his paws on the food!”

“We can’t stop him getting at everything – he still manages to pull apples off the tree outside – but the new kitchen has helped.

“We’ve spent thousands over the years on vet’s bills too, after he’s eaten everything from glass to rat poison, but he’s worth every penny.”

Rolo will raid the kitchen cupboards if left unattended

Since taking in loveable rogue Rollo six years ago, Sue and her partner Stewart Maher, 47, have had to puppy-proof their entire house to accommodate the mischievous pooch.

Sue, who also has another Labrador, four-year-old Oscar, and two guinea pigs, said: “The only things he doesn’t really like are onions and celery – but anything else is fair game.

“He loves apples, they’re his favourite – he’ll do anything for an apple.

“We have an apple tree in the garden, but there’s never any for us to eat because he stands up on his back legs and shakes the tree until the apples fall down.

“He used to pick them for Oscar when he was a puppy – they’re both as bad as each other, they’re double trouble.

“He’s even bounded up onto the trampoline and bounced up and down to get at the apples!

Rolo has also figured out how to open the occasional yogurt pot

“We’ve got Rollo-proof bins to stop him from rummaging, and we’ve had to put a chain on the door as he’s learnt to open them.

“We’ve got a stairgate on the greenhouse, but he’ll body-bash it to get at the tomatoes.

“Once he even undid Stewart’s briefcase and ate his lunch out of his lunch box.

“He’s constantly on the hunt for food!”

Nothing is safe from Rollo’s unstoppable appetite – he once chewed the locks off of a Tupperware container to get at 12 chocolate muffins.

The hungry hound gobbled 12 cauliflowers from the garden – which Sue and Stuart only realised when they went out to pick them for Sunday lunch, and found only crumbs remaining.

He is always jumping up on the table and kitchen counters, despite having a sore hip and dodgy knee after having a plate put in it after damaging a ligament – which was removed after his body rejected it.

Sue and Rolo

At Christmas, he wolfed down five Christmas cakes in one sitting that had been left cooling on the work surface, then promptly threw up all over Sue’s sheepskin rug.

Sue was left terrified after Rollo started chomping on rat poison straight from the box – but thankfully after a panic-stricken call to the emergency vet who suggest vitamin K as an antidote, Rollo was saved after Sue rushed out to the supermarket and fed him eight bags of spinach.

Sue said: “We do worry ourselves sick about him.

“He will go to any lengths to get food.

“When I go shopping I have to bring in one bag at a time, and unpack them individually.

“We always have to make sure we don’t leave anything lying around that he might be able to eat.

“He causes absolute mayhem – but we love him to pieces.”

Sue Kirk with Rolo in front of the apple tree that Rolo will shake to steal apples


– Five Christmas cakes

– A whole pack of yoghurts – which he opened himself

– 12 chocolate muffins

– A greenhouse full of tomatoes

– 12 cauliflowers from the garden

– Eight bags of spinach

– A whole tree of apples

– A whole jar of mincemeat on Christmas Eve – along with the glass

– Toast straight from the toaster

– Two lunches and a packet of fags from the builder’s van

– A whole Easter egg and the packaging


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