Guy Wins Over Girlfriend’s Dog By Taking Him On The Best Car Ride Ever

Guy Wins Over Girlfriend’s Dog By Taking Him On The Best Car Ride Ever – 



Kyle Hull has been dating his girlfriend Emily for around a year now, and everything between them is going great. Everyone in her life seems to love him — except for her 5-year-old dog, Tuukka. Tuukka has been with his mom for around four years now and, for the longest time, was not happy to be sharing her with another guy.

“He was not thrilled about me when he first met me,” Hull said. “There was no hatred, but it was obvious that he thought I was entering his territory and was incredibly protective of Emily.”

Even after a year had passed, Tuukka was still not quite on board with Hull. He refused to let Hull sit alone with his mom on the couch, he wouldn’t come to Hull when he called for him and only allowed Hull to scratch him on his own terms.

“The worst part was attempting to sleep in bed; his spot for the last four years had been right next to Emily on the pillow, and now that I have moved in, he has had to move which he has been very reluctant to do,” Hull said.

Emily also has a pit bull named Zoey, who fell in love with Hull right away, so he just couldn’t figure out why Tuukka was so reluctant to love him, too. Since a year had passed with no real progress, Hull decided to take his efforts to the next level by enticing Tuukka with one of his favorite things: a car ride.

Tuukka went with Hull for a ride in the car, and everything seemed to be going well. Hull then decided to take things a step further by taking Tuukka to every dog’s favorite place.

“I knew how much he loved to go on rides, so a basic car ride became an impromptu trip to PetSmart as we passed by,” Hull said. “Tuukka saw other dogs walk into the store when we parked, and already in a good mood from the ride, he was quite excited to also go in.”

Tuukka has never been a huge fan of toys, but he did pick out a bone in PetSmart, which Hull of course let him get, so eager to win Tuukka’s affections. Hull hoped the trip would win him at least a few points with the stubborn dog — but was shocked at just how much the simple trip changed their relationship.

“His reaction to me now has been a complete 180,” Hull said. “He willingly comes to visit me and lay by me, he trusts me more to sit by Emily and not require his presence, he responds to me when called. It’s been great to have such a positive turnaround from something so simple.”

While Hull and Tuukka’s relationship still isn’t perfect, that one trip did wonders, and with a few more trips to the pet store, Tuukka will surely be in love with Hull in no time.


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