Hand-Carved Miniature ‘Game of Thrones’ Sculptures

Hand-Carved Miniature ‘Game of Thrones’ Sculptures –



Many art forms require attention to detail, but Russian artist Salavat Fidai takes his craft to the next level with a growing portfolio of incredible pencil lead art. His latest series of micro sculptures pays homage to HBO’s Game of Thrones. From a miniature Iron Throne to a tiny, scaly dragon, each fragile piece is meticulously hand-carved from graphite pencil tips using an X-ACTO knife.

If you’ve ever broken the tip of your pencil by pressing too hard on a page, you can imagine how much care Fidai’s artistic practice requires. His medium of choice can easily break, so the talented artist has to be both light and steady-handed, while pressing firmly enough with his X-ACTO knife to make his detailed indents and carvings. This is precisely why his renderings of House of Stark, Targaryen, and Lannister emblems are so remarkable.

Fidai has recreated pretty much every Game of Thrones symbol, sigil, and weapon as pencil tip sculptures. He’s carved out each of the house emblems and even created tiny swords from lead, including Arya’s finely pointed “needle.” Fidai takes his skills a step further by carving out some of the cast members in extraordinary detail. This includes a full-body graphite model of Arya Stark, Tyrion Lannister, and Ghost (the direwolf), each standing atop their own pencil platforms. And arguably the most impressive of Fidai’s work is a pencil carving of one of Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons—every scale and tooth has been carefully sculpted from graphite in mind-blowing detail.

You can see Fidai’s amazing Game of Thrones pencil tip sculptures at Mega Mall in Bucharest, Romania through May 26, 2019. But if you can’t make it to Romania, check out more of the artist’s work on Instagram, and scroll down to watch a video of the artist at work.

Russian artist Salavat Fidai’s latest series of micro pencil lead sculptures pays homage to HBO’s Game of Thrones.






Each fragile piece has been meticulously hand-carved from graphite tips using an X-ACTO knife.  Here is a video showing the process!


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