Homeowners Return From Vacation To Find What Dog Sitter Had Done Entire Time They Were Gone

Homeowners Return From Vacation To Find What Dog Sitter Had Done Entire Time They Were Gone – 

Leaving your dog to go on vacation is never fun. You know how much they’ll miss you while you’re gone, and it feels wrong to leave them behind.

One family had to face this reality when they were leaving for a getaway. They toyed with the idea of bringing their dog, Skylar, to a boarding facility, but thought a dog sitter would be a better idea.

They contacted James Liakos to come sit for their dog. When Skylar immediately took to his new sitter, they knew they had made the right choice.

The family didn’t know what they were getting Skylar into, though, when they left for their vacation. Liakos was not your average dog sitter.

Skylar is a very hyper dog, and they told Liakos as much. Little did they know that they had hired an equally hyper sitter.

After the vacation, the family came home and were reunited with their excited dog. On his way out, Liakos gave them a YouTube link to a video he thought they might enjoy.

What they saw on the video stunned them. Liakos had taken his dog-sitting duties to another level, and had a cinematic masterpiece to show for it.

He documented the entire experience with Skylar. They would run in the yard, go for walks, play together, and cuddle in bed.

Liakos took better care of their dog than the family could have imagined. When Skylar was missing his owners, Liakos comforted him.

When Skylar wanted to play, Liakos manically ran around with the pup. He didn’t just make sure Liakos was fed and went to the bathroom, he made the family’s vacation a vacation for their dog as well.

Everyone hopes that their dog will be taken care of while they’re gone. Attention is just as important as anything else, and Liakos gave Skylar as much attention as any dog could hope for.

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