Husky & Malamute Jockey For Position On Comfy Side Of Bed

Husky & Malamute Jockey For Position On Comfy Side Of Bed –


Siblings spar over EVERYTHING: Dates, outfits, who Mom loves more, etc. etc. etc.

And now, thanks to a hilarious video making the viral rounds, we can add the soft side of the bed to this list.

The stars of said clip include a fussy malamute named Lana and her husky sister from another mother, Xena.

Lana, you see, was settled into a comfy groove. But Xena coveted that very same spot for herself — and she wasn’t afraid to express her displeasure with playing second fiddle.

So you can probably imagine what happened next:

And, like any sister that recognized she had overstepped her boundaries, Xena was stung by the cold shoulder brush-off.

Realizing the error of her ways, she did what most of us would: She tried to make amends by deferring to her older sis with an apologetic gesture.

And — spoiler alert — it was totally, totally adorbs.

Watch the whole thing — it’s basically the cutest pillow fight ever, only without any pillows

But lest you get the idea that the duo don’t get along, their Instagram captures a more diplomatic and loving side of their familial relationship, which also extends to include a 3rd pup, Kiko:

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