In Appreciation Of Senior Pets … Because Older Animals Need Boops Too


“Most of our friends don’t believe we have a cat. We don’t see him much either as he mostly hides behind the bed. Today, while I was working, he was brave enough to come out for pets. This is my 15 year old cat, Elwood.”

“This is Lulu, my 19-year-old cat.”

15-year-old with the eyes of a kitten!

“When life gives you lemons… My 17-year-old cat found some comfort with his post-surgery cushion. I suspect he enjoys having it.”

“This is my 16-year-old buddy, Max. He is chill and loves constant company.”

“My lovely girl turns 20 years old today!”

Young age vs Old age (13 years old)

“My 13-year-old dog”

My 21-year-old cat Steven passed away December 23, 2019.”

RIP, handsome boy!

“This is Kensey, my 12-year-old girl. Her face used to be all brown. Still as bossy as ever!”

“This is my dog Goober, he’s 10 years old.”

“The evolution of Kiki. After 17 years she is real sick of my shit.”

“This is Gunner’s 2019 Halloween costume. He’s 12 in this picture, now he’s 13.”


“My 1.5yr old son and 14yr old cat had a moment this morning.”

“2-year-old Mary Swanson with my 15-year-old cat, Yummy”

“Old dogs can be cute too. He turns 13 this week.”

“My 11-year-old dog is simply majestic.”

“My baby girl on her 1st birthday and today on her 18th!”

“This is my 9-year-old dog.”

“This is my 17-year-old cat. He’s been with me since I was born.”

“I went to the beach with my old dog. He’s 14 and has been with me for most of my life.”

“My 15-year-old dog, who’s also blind”

“My 18-year-old cat, Stanley. He is the sweetest old man kitty ever.”

“My sleepy old lady, Mimi. She’s almost 11, and she falls asleep in the car from time to time.”

“Meet Dash. It’s his 18th birthday today and we decided to celebrate him being officially legal! Send him good luck and maybe he will win all the catnips and treats.”




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