In Taiwan, Claw Machines Are People

In Taiwan, Claw Machines Are People


This isn’t going to help the fight against childhood obesity.

According to Jacaranda FM, Lay’s in Taiwan came up with one hell of a marketing campaign that is basically a human claw machine in which people are lowered into a giant pit of chips, and they use their hands and arms as claws to scoop up as many bags as possible.

Basically, the person who’s being lowered into a massive tub featuring only the finest Lay’s products is controlled by his or her friend off to the side who is equipped with a giant game pad.

Here it is in action at Oishi Snacktacular 2017, which took place at the Festival Mall in Alabang, Philippines last July.

The record for the most bags of chips grabbed in one human claw session is a whopping 144 bags. Let’s hope whoever came out with that haul had 143 friends to share them with. Otherwise, he or she may have also set a record for the most sodium consumed in a week.

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