An Ingeniously Simple Sifting Litter Box That Takes the Effort Out of a Very Unpleasant Chore



The Luuup is an ingeniously constructed litter box that makes an incredibly unpleasant and odiferous taskmuch more pleasant with an ingeniously simple system created with three sifting trays that stack together.

We understand that cat litter boxes are ugly and unpleasant to deal with but are a necessary and important household item. It was our mission to change all that with Luuup. …Our system is uses three identical sifting trays. When any two are stacked together, they form a solid base. Add the third tray, and you create a perpetual sifting Luuup. To clean the litter box, just lift the top tray and the waste is separated from the clean litter. …With Luuup, we wanted something that was actually pleasing to look at; a litter box design that we are happy to have in our home. It’s functional and maintains a simplicity of design that ensures years of reliable use.

The Luuup Litter Box is currently setting all sorts of records on Kickstarter, raising over 900% of their initial goal.

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