Karate Cats: Photographer Hiroyuki Hisakata And The Cats, In Action (For Adele)


At the request of one of our most loyal Facebook Followers (Adele thats you!) we hunted a few videos down of Hiroyuki Hisakata in action! Enjoy!

People love cats for their grace, their beauty, and their playfulness. It’s this last quality that photographer Hiroyuki Hisakata has made the most of with the pictures he shares on social media and in two photo books.

Hisakata, who hails from Kyushu, has only been taking pictures professionally for about five years, and it was only 3 years ago that he started shooting action pictures of cats.

As he explains, he first thought that using cat toys wouldn’t work with outdoor cats: “I thought that cats living outside wouldn’t play with cat toys, but one time I happened to use a cat toy, and I could shoot this one cat in a mighty kung fu pose.”




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