Macro Photos Capture the Stunning Symmetry And Beauty Of Insects

Macro Photos Capture the Stunning Symmetry And Beauty Of Insects –



Montreal-based photographer Paul Parent is known for his stunning macro photography. His work has been featured in publications around the globe and he’s a firm believer that the photographer’s artistic vision counts just as much, if not more, than the expensive equipment used.

Parent, a Nikon user since 1976, has an uncanny ability to focus in on the minor details of the small creatures that surround us. His portraits of insects highlight the texture, color, and symmetry of their anatomy. Taking advantage of macro photography’s shallow depth of field, Parent hones in on particular anatomical features with precision. This allows viewers to gain an appreciation for the complex beauty of these animals, which are typically overlooked.

“Now that every person in the world is able not only to shoot millions of his or her own photos, but also to manipulate billions of others’ images, the skills of gifted and trained photographers are more invaluable than ever,” shares Parent. “As we increasingly experience photographic images in a disorienting and dematerialized manner, the force of the increasingly rarified, examined, processed and printed photo becomes immeasurable. Photography, as a medium and a craft, culminates with the creation of an object.”

Parent’s journey as a photographer has led him to dive deeply into the natural world, whether exploring insects, mammals, or plant life. As he continues to hone his craft, his work reminds us that a professional photographer’s careful attention to composition and color remains invaluable.

Paul Parent’s stunning macro photos hone in on the complex beauty of each insect’s anatomy.



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