Mama Shelter Cat Gives Her Baby The Perfect Mohawk

Mama Shelter Cat Gives Her Baby The Perfect Mohawk – 

Not long after being picked up as a stray in Newfoundland, Canada, the then-pregnant cat named Perm was placed under the care of the Exploits Valley SPCA. There, Perm gave birth to a single offspring — an adorable kitten that got more than her fair share of affection from her doting mom. You might say that lone baby was receiving a litter’s worth of love.

But it came at a price. Most notably to her ‘do.

Naturally, she earned the name Mohawk.

“As the kitten started to grow, we thought something was wrong. Her body was growing normally but her head was so tiny,” Sarah MacLeod, the shelter’s spokesperson, told The Dodo. “A vet trip confirmed: Her adorably diligent mother was cleaning her only kitten too well. All of Mohawk’s fur and even whiskers were being licked right off!”

All that licking resulted in the kitten’s rather rebellious appearance.

Perm, despite her overzealousness at bath time, is a good mom and Mohawk is in otherwise good health. So, the shelter introduced her to a foster kitten, named Pigtail. He ended up with more of a fauxhawk look from all that cleaning.

Mohawk is still unmistakable.

Thanks in large part to Mohawk’s spiky hairdo, gifted upon her by her mom, she attracted a fair bit of attention online. And sure enough, because of that, she has since been adopted into a new loving family of her own. MacLeod joked that it might be a look that’s worth catching on for the shelter’s other needy animals:

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