Man From Brazil Captures The Adorable Friendships Between His Pets On Instagram

Man From Brazil Captures The Adorable Friendships Between His Pets On Instagram – 

Anyone who has ever spent time with an animal knows how loving and affectionate they can be. Whether it’s a cat who loves to brush up against your legs, a big dog who thinks the best place to sit is right on your lap, or a bird who can’t stop singing you songs, like humans, animals have their own, unique ways of showing you how much they care. And if you’re lucky enough to be on the receiving end of their affections, you must be doing something right.

And now that virtually everyone and everything seems to make its way online, we can all admire and enjoy the relationships other people have with their animal friends. In fact, some fur babies are so cute with their human companions and each other that they have become internet famous!

When Luiz Higa Jr. brought an adorable four-month-old golden retriever pup into his home in Sao Paulo, Brazil back in 2014, I guarantee he had no idea how quickly the rest of the world would fall in love with him.

Just a few months after bringing Bob home, Luiz welcomed even more animal friends into his family — eight birds and a hamster, to be exact.

And once he realized how gentle Bob was with his new housemates, and saw the affection they all shared, he knew he had to start documenting their bond, which is when Bob’s first Instagram account was born!

“Since the beginning, they have lived side-by-side and it has been so nice to see how they have behaved together.”

Then, in September 2015, Luiz expanded his pack again with a second golden retriever puppy.

His name? Marley.

Together, Bob, Marley, and the rest of Luiz’s animal family now have an Instagram account that has caught the attention of over 300,000 followers!

Aren’t they just the cutest!?


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