Man Builds His Cats A Playground So Nice You’ll Want To Live There

Recently, a man from Windsor, Connecticut named Rob Coutu decided that his house cats didn’t already have a cushy enough lifestyle, but instead they needed a home fit for cat royalty. So Rob crafted some Tower shaped homes for his cats that likely would make most homeowners and architects slightly jealous.


His process all began with a graphic design.

The work in progress in its bare bones phase.

“I have two cats, a red tabby and a Savannah cat,” Rob introduced his pets, noting that the Savannah likes the towers so much, she has taken over both of them and doesn’t want to let the tabby use them.

The attention to detail is something truly remarkable, as Rob even made sure to weave in some light fixtures.

The cat towers glowing at night!

“The larger tower was built last and is almost complete,” Rob explained. “It incorporates some design changes based on how the cats interacted with the first one, such as the balconies and the deck landings. The dormer came from Zach, the Savannah, always looking up inside the roof of the other one.”


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