Man Rescues Three Abandoned Kittens Frozen In The Snow With Coffee

A man in Alberta rescued three kittens that were frozen into the ice.

Kendall Diwisch says he was doing the rounds near one of his wells near Drayton Valley when he discovered the helpless kittens.

“So today I found these three fellows on one of the back roads near one of my wells. Most likely dropped off. Poor things were frozen into the ice so they had to have been there all night,” Diwisch said.

He threw some lukewarm coffee on their frozen tails, tugged a little bit, and “they came out pretty good,” Diwisch added.

Diwisch took the three shivering cats home and gave them food, water, and a dewormer.

Diwisch posted the video and photo of the kittens on Facebook where it was shared more than 3,000 times.

It didn’t take long to find them a forever home. A family who lost their cat last fall have taken in all three.

“All three little rascals went to their new home today where they get to be together instead of separating them,” Diwisch said in an update.

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