Meditative Montages of Wild Animals in Serene Settings

Meditative Montages of Wild Animals in Serene Settings –


Artist Alice Zilberberg creates calming digital collages that double as “self-therapy.” Though a cathartic element is evident in all of her ethereal works, it is particularly apparent in Meditations, a series of montages that place wild animals in serene settings.

Meditations comprises a collection of otherworldly portraits of fauna. Each piece has been meticulously crafted from photographs taken by the artist, culminating in seamless scenes that blur the line between reality and fantasy. Pale color palettes and pensive poses and expressions further enhance each work’s dream-life atmosphere, which the artist employs in order to “focus on the beauty of the natural environment.”

Zilberberg has created these Meditations in response to the “high-pace and emotionally complex” nature of modern life. She hopes that these tranquil images remind viewers to take a step back and make time for quiet contemplation. She says, “In a world where many are constantly looking to the past or the future, these works aim to have a meditative affect on the viewer, promoting staying still to find happiness in the present moment.”

Each animal montage by Alice Zilberberg emphasizes the power and importance of meditative art.


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