Meet Charlie: The Guiltiest Dog In The World

Meet Charlie: The Guiltiest Dog In The World


Look at this adorable dog, Charlie. Would you believe it if we told you Charlie was a BAD DOG who got into her owner’s trash? No, of course not. She’s just misguided!

First of all, Charlie has no lawyer, and has probably not been read her rights. That’s completely not fair. She’s had no time to prepare a defense! Secondly, OF COURSE IT WAS CHARLIE, who else would get into the trash?

Atkinson’s tweet went viral, because Charlie does look very guilty indeed, and it’s hilarious. But not everyone was ready to blame Charlie.

And now’s the part where I upset everyone by explaining that dogs, although they may BE guilty, do not actually feel guilty. They do, however, know when they’re in trouble, because they can read their owners’ voices and body language. Charlie knew something was wrong at that point, because Atkinson was upset with her. And she sure does LOOK guilty, right?

But all’s well that ends well — Atkinson posted an update with a happy Charlie and her toy.

It’s a redemption story! Charlie is a GOOD DOG after all!

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