Meet Kai, The 173 Lb Dog Who Was Almost Put Down

Meet Kai, The 173 Lb Dog Who Was Almost Put Down –



Kai, that’s the name of our character, can perhaps be called one of the fattest dogs in the world. He weighed 173 pounds when his owners took him to the vet and asked them to euthanize their pet. Much to his luck, the vet didn’t fulfill the owners’ request but instead, decided to help Kai.

The story of this 173 pound Golden Retriever has shaken the world. He was brought to a vet clinic by his owners who asked the vets to put him down because the dog was too obese and could hardly move.

After examining the dog, the vet came to the conclusion that losing about 100 pounds could bring Kai back to a normal life. So he found him a foster mom who agreed to take up the challenge, though at first she was first confused about where to even start.

His new owner Pam said that when Kai first came to her home, it took him about 20 minutes to go up 3 steps.

It was pretty hard for Pam to get Kai to move. Whenever she offered to take him for a walk, he ended up lying down on the ground after taking a few steps. He never played with other dogs in the park because he wasn’t able to do that — instead, he would just sit and watch them.

Pam was determined to correct the situation — she put Kai on a strict diet and walked with him 3 times a day. She also made him swim in water that intensified his physical loads.

Gradually, she started to notice some improvements — Kai was already able to take more steps, to have longer walks, to jump, and to just simply move faster. Pam was extremely happy when she saw Kai being able to lick his back legs.

Within one year, Kai turned from a fat and lazy dog into a fit and active one. He managed to lose 100 pounds with the help of his foster mom’s perseverance.

Kai even got his own fan club at the local park where everyone would cheer him on. He also got his own page on Facebook where you can see his story.

Kai is another example that proves that everything is possible, that one should never give up, and that big goals are reached by taking small steps. With hard work, Kai managed to get back to a normal and active life.

After the goal was reached, Pam got so used to having him around that they decided to stay together. So, not only was Kai lucky to have his life saved, but he also got a new loving family.

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